Antique Ink Block Wall Hooks


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Antique Ink Block Wall Hooks by Two’s Company
These Antique Ink Block Wall Hooks age between 25 and 50 years old and are each individual and hand made. Each hook is made up from an antique printing block, used by artisans to create beautiful fabrics and textiles.

Batik Ink Block Wall Hooks made From Antique Printing Block are perfect for adding some artisan styling to your room. They have a metal sturdy hook on the front and the reverse has a wall fixing on the reverse

Ideal for kitchens, hallways and porches.This unusual wall hook is perfect for adding a stylish touch to a hallway.Keep clutter at bay by hanging up bags , coats and scarves in a busy household.It would also be ideal for hanging up tea towels and aprons in the kitchen. It can be easily attached onto the wall with a screw (not included)

Dimensions: Vary depending on each block but average is W 7cm x H 13cm x D 3cm

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