Antique Pewter Kindling Storage Tub


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Antique Pewter Kindling Storage Tub by Hill Interiors

This Antique Pewter Kindling Storage Tub is the perfect fireside accessory for during the dark winter months.

Our new Kindling storage Box in antique finish pewter makes a great fireside accessory and exudes rustic charm. An alternative to the kindling bucket, crafted with handles to the side and an easy to handle scooped front for easy access.

It’ll ensure you always have plenty of kindling to hand when laying a fire. Just make sure you don’t forget to keep it topped up! Kindling wording on the front side.
Great for beside an open fire, log burner or why not use outside with your chimaera or fire basket.

We think it’s a staple item every home with a fireplace or log burner needs! It is also ideal for fire pits or log burners and makes the perfect gift. Will make a wonderful and thoughtful present or house warming gift.

To clean simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Dimensions: Height: 20 cm Width: 23 cm Depth: 23 cm

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