Black Tudor Loop Fireside Companion Set


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Black Tudor Loop Fireside Companion Set by Hill Interiors.

This Black Tudor Loop Fireside Companion Set, is the perfect fireside set for the dark winter months. A Black Four piece freestanding black iron companion set includes a brush, shovel, poker and tongs, all hung on an antique style stand with beautifully curved Tudor loop handles. Everything you need to keep your fireplace well maintained and ready for use all year round.
Hearth sets comprised of brushes, pokers, tongs and shovels have for centuries been used to tend coal and wood burning fireplaces. The black Tudor loop companion set continues that tradition, though today, these items are just as likely to be purchased as a form of decoration.

Made of high quality steel this hearth set will look good adjacent to any style of fireplace. The country styled set is ideal for keeping the hearth clean and fireplace looking spotless. We think it’s a staple item every home with a fireplace or log burner needs.

We also sell other Fireside Tools and accessories. It is also ideal for BBQs or log burners and makes the perfect thoughtful gift or house warming gift.

Weight: 3.24kg
Colour: black,
Material: Steel
Dimensions: Height: 63 cm Width: 14 cm Depth: 14 cm

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