Broadwell Recycled Glass Bottle


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Broadwell Recycled Glass Bottle by Garden Trading.

This substantial large Broadwell glass bottle is manufactured in Europe from 100% recycled glass. It has the capacity to hold 1.6 litres of liquid and therefore the perfect bottle to serve guests when entertaining. You can also use to store your favourite juices or other beverages in as each bottle also comes complete with a cork stopper for preserving liquids. It is also ideal to serve fresh orange from at breakfast times to the family.

The generously-sized Broadwell Glass Bottle brings a fresh touch to any room as an attractive vase with space for even long stems or as a serving bottle keeping your family hydrated. The bottle comes with a beautiful chunky Cork lid to keep the contents fresh. Why not use to infuse water with fresh fruit, and turn your drinks into works of art.

Country New England Folk styling by Garden Trading. Crafted in Cork and Glass. Glass is dishwasher safe.

Dimensions: H30 x D9.5cm Capacity: 1.6litres

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