Eightmood Butterflies Wall Clock


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This Eightmood Butterflies Wall Clock is a delightful fresh and colourful design to place in your home.

Wooden clock with brightly coloured butterfly print with clear numbers and black metal clock hands.

Makes a perfect birthday gift to any butterfly or nature enthusiasts. Perfect for bringing some of the outside into the home.

Great for kitchens, bedrooms, halls or studys.

An ‘ideal gift’ for posting, this kids or adults clock is incredibly lightweight and will fit on any wall with ease.

Battery powered (batteries not included). Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 4 cm

Eightmood from Sweden – “Always Inspire”

Passion for Interior Design

Eightmood was founded in 2010 by a group of people from completely different backgrounds but who are all equally driven by a common passion for interior design.

Making Modern Interior Design Available for Everyone

Eightmood’s vision is to make modern interior design available for everyone. Delivering high quality at a good price is not enough. Our experience and diversity have shaped a unique business. Creating a compelling experience calls for not only inspiration, also simplification.

Global Interior Trends Captured in Eight Design Concepts

People strive to inspire one another. Eightmood provides the tools for everyone to express their own style, and create a unique home. Seasonally we set out to capture global interior trends and refine them into eight tangible design concepts – compelling interior design in elegant packaging.

Create Your Unique Expression

In addition to our seasonal concepts we also offer a wide range of essentials. The Essentials Collection spans hundreds of articles, suitable for every season, in all their simplicity.

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