Narbeth Black Reed Diffuser Fusion Refill Pack


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This Narbeth Black Reed Diffuser Fusion Refill Pack is just perfect if you want to continue your favourite smell!

The scent fusion has a beautiful aromatic aroma and is a great way to bring an exotic eastern smell to any room. Each refill set comes with a plastic bottle with screw cap with 200ml of fragrance oil which will offer a minimum of 2 refills, lasting up to 6 months.

Cellophane wrapped with bow tied black reed stick replacements enclosed and tie presented. Great gift for a friend for which this is there favourite scent.


Fusion: A relaxing soft citrus accord, mixed rosemary lavender and neroli wrapped by cedar wood and patchouli notes.

200ml bottle, diffusion time average 5-6 months. 2 set of 6 sticks included in the set Stick length 20cm.





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