Tutti Decor Ornate Distressed Wall Hurricane Sconce Candle Holder


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Ornate Distressed Wall Hurricane in metal with a grey and soft cream painted finish and opaque glass insert.
Wall Hurricane sconce candle holders are a really nice lighting and decoration option for both home or garden. With a flickering candle inside they are sure to create a unique ambience in any Vintage or French Country interior. Use these stunning wall hurricanes to add some antique luxury to your room.
This exquisite Wall Hurricane is a perfect garden piece. With an ornate design that is attractive to all, this traditional candle holder is a must have. Great against brick with one of our Lene Bjerre candles inside. Can also be placed with fantastic results in a hallway or living room.
Large glass hurricane which allows for church style candles to burn easily. Lovely alternative to wall lights where romance and soft candlelight is sought. Why not get a pair as they look great together !
Dimensions: H: 46 cm W: 19 cm D: 21 cm