Tutti Home Artificial Potted Bamboo Plant Tree Display Ornament Faux 73cm


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Potted Artificial Bamboo Plant by Gisela Graham.
Potted Artificial Bamboo Plant, perfect for display in a conservatory, home, restaurant or office.
This artificial bamboo plant is part of our artificial plants range, faux plants have come a long way in recent years and these days look so much like the real thing that you need to touch them to be sure!
Our new artificial bamboo plant is an Eastern inspired plant with artificial green leaves and natural bamboo stems. Potted in a tall, plain grey tub, it can stand on any indoor surface, or be placed inside a larger pot or basket if you prefer. With an abundant mix of foliage and several bamboo stems, it stands at 73cm from the base of its pot to the highest leaf. We recommend that this plant is used indoors only.
Perfect for using in areas where light is not plentiful or as part of display where watering a real plant may be difficult. If you wish to use outside ensure to position in a sheltered position.
This Artificial Bamboo Plant has been beautifully designed by Gisela Graham. NEW for 2018
Size: H 73cm x Pot width 12cm
The benefits of artificial plants:
Artificial indoor plants are virtually maintenance free, requiring minimal dusting and, of course, no watering. They are long-lasting and can withstand conditions that would be too dark, draughty, cold or hot for live plants. In addition, as with living plants, it’s believed that their presence can boost our mood, helping us to feel more productive, creative and relaxed. And in houses or offices with central heating or air-conditioning, they are obviously unaffected by fluctuations in humidity.
Gisela Graham has built her reputation on becoming one of Europe’s leading giftware and home ware design companies. Gisela Graham has become particularly well known for her wonderfully ornate seasonal items.