Victorian Fresh Cotton Scented Candle


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This Victorian Fresh Cotton Scented Candle captures, bottles and presents the iconic scent of the season.

White scented wax in a clear glass, packaged in a luxurious round gift box with grey and gold detailing.

Feel the fresh and soft scent from cotton, combined with summer fresh flowers and the feeling of sitting in the grass, listening to the wind rustling through the tree tops.

This Scented Candle with stunning fragrances will scent your home from the moment you open the jar.

This scented candle is truly lovely, not overpowering like some scented candles, but still fills the room with wonderful scent.

Makes for an ideal gift or an elegant addition to any room.

Made from Parafin and soya wax. Burning time of 30 hours. Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 8 cm

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